Eric Neubauer provides a full spectrum of criminal legal services. He resolutely defends his clients at both the trial and appellate level. His assistance in criminal matters includes but is not limited to: bail, pre-trials, disclosure review, pre-trial motions, trials, sentencing, parole, bail pending appeal, and appellate advocacy. In addition, he regularly advises individuals facing criminal investigation, but not yet charged.

In addition to managing his own trial and appellate practice, Eric Neubauer provides advice and discrete assistance to other lawyers on complex legal motions, including: challenges to the constitutionality of legislation; challenging search warrants, general warrants, and Part VI authorizations (wiretaps); motions to obtain disclosure or third party records; motions to admit evidence in the context of sexual assaults and more broadly; and, litigation of issues relating to confidential informants.

Though Neubauer Law is located in downtown Toronto, Eric Neubauer serves clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond. He has helped clients across Ontario, as well as individuals targeted in inter-provincial investigations.

Please book an appointment to discuss Eric Neubauer’s legal fees. Your initial consultation is complimentary.